Photo: USA Today

French forwards Guerschon Yabusele will be rooting for his teammate Jayson Tatum in the Rising Stars Challenge this weekend. He is also hoping for an NBA regular season game in Paris next season.

Q: Who will you be supporting during the rising stars challenge?

A: Yeah, my teammates for sure, I’ll be looking out for Jayson [Tatum]. He’ll be exciting to watch.

Q: There’s some talk about having an NBA game in Paris next year, how would you feel about that?

A: I feel great. I definitely hope there’ll be a game in Paris and fingers crossed it’s going to be us. It would be great for the country and the fans over there, to maybe have the NBA in Paris because a lot of people from France can’t make all the way to the U.S. to watch a game. I think it would be amazing and it would be a great game.

Q: Do you think there’d be a big following and a lot of excitement?

A: For sure the game would be packed. If it’s really going to happen, the day that they sell the tickets, it’s going to be sold out that same day because there’s a lot of fans that want the NBA in France.

Q: And would it be a dream for you to be there?

A: Yeah it would mean everything to play in France. I’m really hoping that it’s the Celtics that get picked to play so I can play there. I live less than an hour from Paris, my family would come to the game, and I have a lot of friends who would come down. So that would be amazing if it was going to be the Celtics.