ImageSpartak Saint Petersburg is looking for a new coch desperately, either from Europe of the USA, according to the club's General Manager, but at the same time Karvanen doesn't think much of David Blatt.

When asked about some possible names to coach "Spartak" Alexey Karvanen didn't hide his true feelings about some of them.

"David Blatt? Yes, he has the experience to work for our club, but just look how "extraordinary" he managed to coach Efes Pilsen and Dynamo Moscow in the previous seasons. And we should wait and see what the National Team will

achieve in Eurobasket 2009." Karvanen said and continued:

"Sergey Elevich? What has he accomplished so far? Yes he is a good organiser and manager, but that's all. Having the possibilities "Khimki" was offering him he should have done much better"