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Giorgos Printezis addressed the situation regarding reports about some financial issues between him and Olympiacos.

Per several Greek media outlets, there has been a leaked audio where Printezis has a private conversation with his teammates and complains about some financial issues. He also mentions he may not play against Khimki, due to those financial issues.

The Greek power forward and co-captain of the “Reds” responded to the reports, during the All-Star Game on Sunday (10/02):

“I knew that there‚Äôs a leaked audio of my private conversations with my teammates. I want to say that there is no problem, we are totally fine and we will continue to chase our goals. What matters is that we are a family.

I have no problem with the leaked audio. I knew it would happen eventually. We will see what will happen with that in the future,” said Printezis.