ImageAfter 3 dry years  Efes Pilsen returns to the top after beating Fenerbahce Ulker in the sixth game of the series. And what a series it's been! Fenerbahce managed to grab the first 2 wins away, yet Efes fought back to win 4 in a row, 3 of which at the home of Fener!

Efes Pilsen took off in the second quarter after laying behind by 4 in the first break. They outscored Fenerbahce 16-29 to take a 9 point lead with them to the locker room (41-50). The margin, the 91 points scored by both teams and the importance of the game, all gave promise of a great second half.

 And so it was. Fenerbahce tried to comeback to the game winning both final quarters of the game (and the series as it was proven later), but their effort was too short and so Efes won the game 76-79 and celebrated their first championship title since 2005.

Fenerbahce: Solomon 14, Preldzic 10, Smith 9, Turkcan 8, Onan 8, Mrsic 8, Asik 8, Savas 5, Erden 4, Vidmar 2

Efes Pilsen: Peker 23, Thornton 10, Kasun 9, Arslan 9, Kakiouzis 8, Tunceri 7, Smith 6, Shumpert 6, Guler 1