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Maccabi Tel-Aviv GM, Nikola Vujcic, took to Twitter and addressed the comments made by the Winner League CEO, Shmuel Frenkel.

Frenkel verbally assaulted Vujcic via his Twitter account, concerning the latter’s interview on Sports 5 TV station.

“When an Israeli team hires a foreign GM, he may be insensitive to the Israeli League or Israeli players. But Winner League is still the basis of Israeli Basketball.

You have to explain to him that Maccabi is an Israeli team that plays in Europe and not a European team that plays in any country in the Middle East,” he tweeted.

Vujcic responded and said the Winner League CEO should be ashamed of himself.

“It’s sad to see the Winner League’s CEO attack the manager of the biggest team in the League just because he’s a foreigner. It’s a disgrace to Israeli sports and Israeli basketball and you should be ashamed.

Maybe you should focus on what you do best, help other teams pass rules that no other league in the WORLD has and that have one purpose only (like you told me YOURSELF) – to weaken Maccabi. This you do very well!”

Maccabi also addressed the situation via an official announcement, mentioning there is no room for racist expressions.