ImageΤΒ had the chance to be present in the press-conference head-coach of Aris BSA, Andrea Mazzon, gave today for the tomorrow's game against A.E.K. Athens.

Head coach of Aris BSA, Andrea Mazzon talked about the tomorrow's game for the 8th playing-game of the season against A.E.K. Athens. Mr. Mazzon stated:

We started playing games that are timely close, so what we have to do during the trainings is to practise on rest. I think that we go in the right direction, we are mentally concentrating, but on the other hand we have to overcome some physical problems that we face as a team. The real problem is to miss a player from the daily practices and not from a game. As for A.E.K. Athens, is a team with the same philosophy as ours, they play really clever and they have players like Nikos Hatzis and Dimitris Papanikolaou who are very experienced playing in A1 greek division, so it is going to be a tough game.

After the EuroCup's game against Panellinios BC, coach Mazzon stated that if the whole team think that they are a better team than they really are, then they will undoubtly fail to attain their goals. For that coach Mazzon noticed:

We are a new team, with many new players that they do not know each other, so we have to focus on our goals, not only game-by game, but practice by practice, in order to succeed.

Finally, mr. Mazzon was asked about the rumours about Aris BSA searching for a player to cover the place that is left for a bosnan player.

If Garbajosa wants to play for Aris BSA, I would be really happy to have him as a player. The same I would say about Pau Gasol as well. I would like to ask you not to mention again this issue, because our expectations are to work with the young players of the team, in order to develop and play for the team. If Massey is bored playing in Madrid, then he can come and play for Aris BSA again.

Finally, Greek power-forward Nikos Barlos stated:

A.E.K. Athens is a very good team with experienced players who play many years in A1 division and we have to be very careful in order to reach the win. A.E.K. Athens is a team with a very good all-around players, so we have to play a good defensive game. They will not be stressed for the game as we will be, so this fact makes A.E.K. Athens a more difficult opponent. Also, we have to continue our effort in the courts, be concentrated in our defensive game due to the fact that if we will not be efficient in our offensive game, we will be focus on the defense. As for me, I have played in many Greek teams, and I can assure you that in the team of Aris BSA I have found the right conditions to play basketball. The relationships between me and my teammates are really good, not only in the courts, but even in our daily life, and this gives us energy and power to get better and better. Every basketball player wants to play for Aris BSA, and if it is possible, for many years.