ImageRound eight of ACB League was played this weekend, and there were some very interesting games. The new leader is Tau Vitoria, thanks to basket-average, while Gran Canaria is behind them, and Real Madrid is showing good development.

Some things to pay attetion:

Miracle in Gran Canaria is still alive, and maybe more than ever. A miraculous three-pòinter hitted by Josh Fisher at the end of the game gave them a new victory on the road against Ricoh Manresa, with a great Josh Asselin. Joel Freeland is becoming a great player evey game he plays, and he's one of the main reasons for Gran Canaria to be second in the league.

Unicaja one the best game of the round, thanks to a super Marcus Haislip, who this year is really showing why they signed him last season. Bad new for green team was the injury of their starting playmaker Carlos Cabezas, who will be sidelined for at least two weeks. First game for coach Spahija ended with a defeat, but for sure he will done things good in Valencia. Dimos Dikoudis didn't travelled to Malaga due to bad behaviour, and is rumoured to be released of the team. 

Real Madrid is starting to play as a team. They won a difficult match again Bilbao Basket at home, with great job by Felipe Reyes, Sergio Llull and a reborn Massey, who played his first great match of the season. Papadopoulos is still at the end of the bench, and nobody knows if he will ever played a game with coach Plaza.

Joventut won their game against Bruesa in San Sebastian with great Mallet and Sonseca. The team is still without Mensah-Bonsu and Ricky Rubio, but they are still doing good games, waiting for their players to recover, or a new player to sign.

When Cajasol will make something to stop this bad moment their are living? This time was Tau which came to Seville and took the victory, without any effort by them to do it. Will they release the coach, any player, will they sign anybody? Will they do something in next few weeks?

The results were:

                                   Cajasol   74-101   Tau Vitoria
                                   Unicaja   82-75    Pamesa Valencia
                      MMT Estudiantes  71-89   Alta Gestión Fuenlabrada
                           ViveMenorca   102-75   Cai Zaragoza
                             CB Granada   79-70   CB Murcia
                             Bruesa GBC   67-78   DKV Joventut
                             Real Madrid   84-74   Iurbentia Bilbao
                         Ricoh Manresa   67-68   Kalise Gran canaria

                              *Regal Barça didn't play this round