ImageCajasol won their opening game against KK Zagreb, 74-62, in a match with a previous "goodbye ceremony" to Raúl Pérez, legendary player from Seville.

The evening started with a match between former teammates (Lavodrama, Azofra, Llorente…) of Raúl Pérez against a combined team of players from the city. The result was not important; the main thing was to see for the last time those 3-pointers falling from the sky, and that carachter on the floor, which Raúl showed all along his career. Long life.

The main event was the opening game between Cajasol and KK Zagreb. It was the first time that sevillian fans could see new additions to the team, such as Pecile, Rivero, Triguero, Carter, Ilic and Savanovic (first game with the team after playing for Serbia this summer). On the other team, a future european star, Ante Tomic, last member of that great school of tall men from Balkans. 

The game has history on the first half. Cajasol started quite bad, and Zagreb soon reached an advantage of 12 points, with great actions by Tomic, Simon and Vladovic. The second quarter saw Cajasol tie the game; they've just started to defend their basket. The result at the end of the first half was 39-38.

On the third quarter, third fault of Bennett gave a new chance to Pedro Rivero. In the first half he had a bad game, but this time he became the leader of the team, and along with Pecile, Carter and Savanovic, Cajasol got seventeen points of advantage and the end of the third quarter. The last part of the game was a training between both teams, which ended 74-62.

Cajasol showed good improvement since their poor actuations at the Copa Andalucia, although they still have to concentrate more at the start of the game, and KK Zagreb ended their trip around Spain, showing they can compete against some good teams from ACB league. 

Cajasol – 74 (16+23+23+12): Bennett (5), Pecile (8), Ignerski (12), Warren Carter (8), Triguero (-) -cinco inicial-, Leichtweis (-), Pedro Rivero (12), Savanovic (11), Andrés Miso (4), Mile Ilic (14)

KK Zagreb – 62 (24+14+7+17): Vladovic (9), Simon (18), Dunkovic (4), Papac (7), Tomic (12) -cinco inicial-, Babic (-), Morovic (1), Dijan (2), Rahimic (6), Baljan (-), Stimac (-), Drezga (3)