MontepaschiIt will be Montepaschi Siena vs. Lottomatica Rome in the Italian Palyoffs Finals 2008. Each team have finished their semifinal series beating the relative adversaries, Armani Jeans Milan and Air Avellino, 3-0. The finals, at best of seven game for the first year, will start Sunday 1st or Tuesday 3rd of June.

Siena-Milan, Game3: 99-76 (3-0)

Lavrinovic 22pts, 8reb, 5/8 3pt%   | Katelynas 14pts,6/9 FG%
Sato 21 pts, 8/8 2pt%                 | Sesay 14pts, 6/10 2pt%, played 15 min, out for fouls
McIntyre 19pts, 5/7 3pt%, 8 ass   | Gallinari 11pts, 4/12 FG%, 6reb, 5TO

Rome-Avellino, Game3: 77-70 (3-0)

Ukic 12pts, 0/6 3pt%                  | Lisicky 24pts, 8/10FG%, 5/7 3pt%, 5reb, 3st 
Jaaber 11pts, 8reb                     | D.Smith 17pts, 7/10 2pt%, 5reb, 5TO
Hawkins 10pts, 4/7FG%, 5reb      | Paolisso 10pts, 4/7FG