Mindaugas Kuzminskas
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Mindaugas Kuzminskas talked exclusively to TalkBasket.net, following the triumph of Olimpia Milano over Olympiacos in Piraeus (75-99).

Here is what the Lithuanian forward said:

On the victory over the “Reds”: “It was a big win, especially away, but it is just the start, it doesn’t mean anything. We have a lot of things to improve, but we are in a good way. And against Real Madrid, we had chances to win, but we lost eventually.”

On the keys that helped the Italians win the game: “A lot of our players can execute very well offensively, it’s just a matter of their defence to stop our offence. There is a lot of potential and talent.

Especially in the second half, we played good defence and stopped most of their most important players. Offence can bring us wins, but defence can bring us championships, so we have to work a lot on defence.”

On whether offence can be the team’s strength this season: “Like I said, it’s a combination, we have a very talented team, but offence will not bring us championships. We have to be strong defensively.”

On Olympiacos: “In the first two games, they showed their potential, but we were better tonight. In sports, you have to prove every day that you are better, tonight we proved we were better.

Coach Blatt is a great coach, he knows what he is doing and I think they will have a great season.”