Andrey Vatutin: “Dimitris Itoudis and I will do everything we can to make this season a success”

CSKA Moscow president, Andrey Vatutin, talked about the team’s off-season signings, Joel Bolomboy and head coach Dimitris Itoudis.

Here is what the Russian executive told

On Joel Bolomboy’s acquisition: “I’m surprised by the amount of attention journalists have paid to Joel’s signing. Today, Bolomboy is a young and promising player who still has a lot to learn, has to understand European basketball, CSKA‘s philosophy, coaches’ requirements.

In any case, the enthusiasm must be restrained, it can spoil everything, the player needs time to adapt. The guy is only 24 years old. Joel tries, there are no questions about work ethic, but everyone should be patient. I assure you, other newcomers – Alec Peters, Ivan Ukhov, Daniel Hackett – are no less interesting.”

On the squad’s signings: “I consider the selection based on the scouts’ estimates and the results of the pre-season matches to be wrong. Selection is the process of combining the desired [goals] and the possible.

In general, CSKA got those players who are necessary for balance in the composition and for the bench’s depth. Everyone needs time and something more specific will be clear after several EuroLeague matches.”

On head coach Dimitris Itoudis: “Itoudis signed a three-year contract, this is the third year of the agreement. The club respects this contract. Dimitris and I will do everything we can to make this season a success. We have no doubts about the high qualification of Dimitris – otherwise, he would not have worked at CSKA.

Yes, next summer his contract ends, and of course, the outcome of the upcoming season will affect the decision of the club to extend it. But now something supernatural must happen so that this contract is terminated during the course of the season.”

On the rumours regarding Joffrey Lauvergne: “Lauvergne is certainly a high-level player, Joffrey and I are personally acquainted, we discussed verbally the possibility of him moving to CSKA a year ago, but he chose to stay in the NBA.

This summer we did not initiate negotiations, we have players in his position with existing contracts. In addition, it should be understood that Lauvergne is a star player and we would not be able to afford his contract.”