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Baskonia will host the 2019 Final Four and the team’s leader, Tornike Shengelia, thinks this is something very special.

Here is what the 26-year-old power forward, who signed a four-year extension with the Basques, told Radio Vitoria’s Rafa Muntion.

On his presence in the club: “The relationship between Baskonia and me is special. It comes from both sides, not just from me. When I saw that from the club, the demonstration of fondness and love, I appreciated it.

Also, my family feels very comfortable here. I want to become a franchise player and when Baskonia is mentioned, I want my name to be heard also.”

On Baskonia hosting the 2019 Final Four: “We can show more than the last year. We are approaching the season with a good sensation. Not only the locker rooms but also in the city you can see the energy of the Final Four. It’s something very special and we have to use it as a motivation, it shouldn’t be a pressure.”