The president of the Greek Basketball Federation, Giorgos Vassilakopoulos, didn’t confirm that Giannis Antetokounmpo will play for Greece in the World Cup.

Here is what the 79-year-old executive said during an interview with the Greek radio station “Fairplay FM”:

On the “Greek Freak” playing in the World Cup: “I am not in a position to answer. I don’t want to say something that I am not certain that it will happen. Of course, we want him in China.”

On whether basketball agents have prevented Antetokounmpo from playing for the national team: “I have already told you who are the traffickers of the world sports movement. And the matter of Antetokounmpo is a matter of agents. It’s a parasitic profession.

And they put some of your colleagues to give lessons and they have a voice in the media. The matter of Antetokounmpo is complicated. I hope that he will understand that thanks to this country he is in the States and he became a protagonist.”