Clint Capela: “Every minute that I play, I have to earn it”

James Harden, Clint Capela
Photo: Tim Warner/Getty Images

Houston Rockets big man, Clint Capela, signed a five-year, $90M contract extension with the team during the off-season and spoke with “The Athletic” about his playing time as well as the support of his parents.

Here is what the 24-year-old center said:

On his playing time: “Every minute that I play, I have to earn it. Lately, I’ve been playing good, so I get more minutes.

Even when I don’t play as much, coach D’Antoni gets to give opportunities to other guys out there, so it’s okay. For me, I want to be out on the floor during important games and the close games. I want to be out with them on the court.”

On his parents’ support: “It’s good to have them support you. Even if they’re out there and you don’t see them some days, just showing support and love, watch every game, it means a lot to me.”