Panathinaikos forward, Ioannis Papapetrou, spoke with the media and referred to the recent comments of Olympiacos power forward, Dimitris Agravanis, regarding Papapetrou’s signing with the “Greens”.

Agravanis had an interview with Greek newspaper “Fos” a few weeks ago and talked about Papapetrou’s decision to join the “Greens”.

“I believe his behaviour, since we lost the championship in June, was unacceptable, to say the least.

Everyone can join any team they want, however he should have dealt with this situation as a man, since Olympiacos had supported him so much over the past few years,” the “Reds” power forward had mentioned.

For his part, Papapetrou responded to Agravanis’ comments during Panathinaikos first training session ahead of the new season.

“There’s no reason to talk via the media and reply to each other. My job is to play basketball. Our job is to play basketball and don’t speak.

Everyone has something to say according to what he believes and his educational level. It’s his opinion, it should be respected, but I will not enter into a debate. I was raised differently.”