Vesely: Last season in Europe, unless…

Greek sports website reporter Antonis Kalkavouras stumbled upon Czech star Jan Vesely at the Munich Internaitonal Airport and a short interview was inevitable. We have translated it and present it to you.

How is the season going with Partizan?

– It’s tough. We have a new coach and many new players since last season. We need time to bond as a team, get a stable rhythm and learn to win games. I think our win over Prokom was a step to the right direction.

Do you feel that the departure of several important players in the summer (Maric, Rasic, Vranes, McCalebb, Roberts) gives you the opportunity to turn into the leader of this team?

– I hope so. Unfortunately the roles in the team are not yet clear but I give my best everyday in training. Current season is crucial for my development and I expect significant improvement in my performance.

Do you miss Vujosevic?

– Next questions please. The answer is obvious. Vujosevic is the man who made me what I am today.

Rumours have it that this is your last season in Europe as you are expected to be drafter in the summer at a high ranking.

– It’s not certain yet, but it is possible. Unless I get an offer from Panathinaikos, like most Partizan players do (laughs). I still have three years on my contract, but one thing is certain, I won’t be staying for that long.

What will your decision depend upon?

– Several factors could play a role. My performance with Partizan this season, my ranking in the drafts and the team which will acquire my rights are the three most important ones.

What do you want?

– For the moment I want to help my team achieve its ambitions this season and improve my game. We have a long road ahead of us.