Carmelo Anthony on coming off the bench for the Rockets: “Let It Play Out”

Daily Express
Photo: Daily Express

Carmelo Anthony signed an one-year contract with the Houston Rockets on Monday and now has the chance to fight for the NBA title. However, it’s still uncertain whether he will be a starter or will come off the bench.

“Let’s just let it play out, though,” the 34-year-old power forward told TMZ Sports on Tuesday. “I don’t even know what’s going on. I just signed, so let it start first.”

The Rockets’ coach, Mike D’Antoni, hasn’t made a decision yet, so it’s likely Anthony will not be a starter for the first time in his career.

“All I know is that we’ll try different combos—preseason, early season, and the good thing is that with analytics and with gut feelings and coaches and players, we’ll figure out what is the best way to play,” D’Antoni told USA Today’s Sam Amick.

“And again, if everybody is on board, then it’ll be, ‘Hey, this is where we’re the best. This is how we can win the championship.’ I don’t know yet, but we’ll make sure we get it right as good as we can,” Houston’s head coach added.