Pau: the possibility of me being at the WC is remote

ImagePau Gasol kai a small interview to Eurosport correspondent Gonzalo Vazquez after the game against the New Jersey Nets, talking about the possibility to return to Europe when his contract in the NBA is over and about his presence at the WC in Turkey.

-Is there any possibility that you will play at the WC?

The possibility that I will play is remote. There comes a moment when I have to consider things seriously. The NT is one of the most important things for me, but if I want to be fit and be able to continue to play I can't continue doing what I've been doing so far. There has to be a moment to rest and for sure this should be it.

-The NT without you…

With or without me, the NT has enough quality to be able to be the utter most competitive. It is a team full of talent that is always going to compete at the highest level. And this has been demonstrated in fashion. We reached four finals in the row and won two. I don't think that my assistance would be that decisive.

-What can you tell us about your contract extension?

Nothing special right now. I know that it is underway and if everything goes as planned renewing would be optimal.

-Because it is your wish.

Of course. But not only mine. The desire to continue goes both ways and that's what it is. If nothing goes wrong I am set to stay a long time. That Kobe and me can stay until 2014 says a lot about this team and about the sportive policy of the franchise. The truth is that I want to stay here as long as possible.

-If you stay until 2014, at 34, are you still thinking of returning to Barcelona and close your career?

I would like that, the truth is I would like it. It would be nice, but it is still far away. But my prime objective is to close my career here, with the Lakers. Later we will see, but it is something that I consider a realistic possibility. I am setting my objective every moment. I think it is the right thing and I don't feel bad about it.

-What exactly did you mean that you don't receive many balls?

I didn't say that. Media interpreted badly. I was asked why a grab so many rebounds now and as I don't have a specific answer I more or less replied that since I am getting fewer balls now, I can pay more attention for the rebound. But i never complained that they don't pass me the ball. On the contrary, I receive normal and we play better than anyone.

-And about the rebounds?

Well, it is also my evolution as a player. It could be a run, or simply I improved in this aspect too. I believe it is something that I can do and I try to improve it. I reality it also is an aspect that many times depends on the circumstances of every game.

-Where do you think lies the greatest risk of these Lakers?

In injuries. Simply that nobody gets injured. This is the most important of all. We take care of ourselves. We are professionals and we know that when the decisive moments come we have to live up to them. Nothing more.

-Something special for Christmas?

You are talking about the games I suppose, because we dont stop playing. The most special thing about Christmas is a chicken soup with potatoes that they make for me at home, but yet for another year I'll have to miss.