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One of the best players of current Euroleague, Lithuanian international star Darjus Lavrinovic gave an interview to the Spanish basketball magazine “Gigantes”. Read what he had to say.

“I think I’ve adapted well to the team, but one always needs a little more time to completely adapt to a new style, a new roster and a new city. There are many new players on the team, which makes us help each other even more.”

“It’s important to perform well on a personal level, but the team is what really matters. We must perform well together and win games.”

“I try to focus on what happens on the court and not think about what happens elsewhere in order to avoid distractions. I don’t know if that makes me a rather cold player because I do like to show character. I think I have a strong character, but it’s better not to worry about those things.”

“I’m very happy with the start I’ve had to the season so far, but I would be even happier if we had won the game that went into overtime. This is an experienced team, anxious to have a great season. We want to reach the final in every competition.”

“Ettore Messina is a respected, demanding and skilled coach who brings out the best in his men. This opinion is hared by practically every player he has coached. Rather than being a challenge, playing for him is something very exciting that motivates me. The Club’s project is ambitious and I think it’s only logical for him to be this demanding both on and off the court.”

“I like to take shots and help as much as I can under the iron by grabbing rebounds. I also like to help out in defence. I try to be an all-rounder. My brother’s style is similar to mine, but I think he is a better shooter. He is excellent at netting three-pointers.”

“We want to fight in the Euroleague and reach the Final Four. We know the road will be tough because we’ll find teams like Panathinaikos, Olympiacos and Barcelona along the way that happen to be contenders for the title. It won’t be easy.”