ImageRecently retired Milan Gurovic gave an interview to the Serbian Evening News, talking about his favorite club Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) and commenting on the current situation.

About coach Petrovic and the financial problems:

"It's a disaster! There wasn't any money when I played for Zvezda either. Coach Petrovic cannot use the financial problems as an alibi when he is coaching. This shows weakness."

About the players of the team:

"I am sorry, but I have to say that these guys do not fight as they should. Radivojevic, Dragicevic, Stimc and others behave as if they were models on the floor. I listen to their staments about how they will try to win the title. If you say "maybe we will, maybe we won't" no, that's not the way."

About the excuses for the situation:

"It has nothing to do with the results. There is no president…so? If he comes, welcome. This is nonsense, only part of the alibi. I am sorry when I see how much this club has gone down."

About the upcoming derby against Partizan:

"What derby? First we have to beat Siroki in Pionir."

About Zvezda's participation in the Eurocup:

"It will be an indicator about how seriously we should see the results in our league. Maybe we should bring some players, but I do not want to expand on this."

Translation based on article

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