ImageAndrei Kirilenko, the Russian forward of Utah Jazz gave an interesting interview to Ekaterina Malovichko of and taked about many things.

-Will you play in the World Championship 2010?

Of course it all depends on whether we will get a wild card. Bit if we get it I will definitely play. This year I had family problems and was not in shape to play.

-Do you regret for not playing in Eurobasket?

Of course I am not bery happy with the fact that I did not take part in Eurobasket. I always play for the National Team with pleasure, all my friends are there. But I think they did the best they could do, with the given squad. They gained experience game by game, just look what the youngsters did, Mozgov, Kurbanov, Zozulin, Fridzon. Monya played as a real captain. The team is there. The fact that all our games were close means that we are in a good level, just missing that something extra, which I hope to add with my presence. Not to mention that Khryapa will be healthy next season too.

-Is it important for you that David Blatt remains as the coach?

I never considered the coach as a primary thing in a team but I enjoy working with Blatt. It is a real pleasure watching him dealing with the team. He is a diplomat, he compromises with the players, something which is very imporant in modern day sports.

-Recently there were rumours that you will consider leaving NBA after being 30.

As things are now, I am thinking of stopping basketball after 30. Not neccesarily leave NBA but rather retire while I'm up there, in a good form. I wouldn't want to retire due to injuries later. It is not sure that I will retire at my 30, but I am thinking about it. It will all depend on how things will be with my family, children, what will their plans be, where they will be going to school etc.