Nikola PekovicNikola Pekovic, the Montenegrin international center of Panathinaikos talked about the upcoming FIBA Europe B Final between Montenegro and Sweden.

With Montenegro, who was one of the grand favourites before the start of the Division B tournament to achieve promotion, being just two games away from their goal Nikola Pekovic expressed his desire to win those games:

"I wanted Sweden as our opponents in these games. We have made it so far due to our good Group Phase performance. We have two difficult games ahead of us and we must be very careful in order to achieve our goal. We are in good shame and we are facing a team with the same goals as ours. We have prepared well for this game and I believe that we will get what we want, the promotion to Division A that is. I think we have shown that we deserve it, but we have to prove it in these last two games." said Pekovic.