Dimitris Giannakopoulos confronts Jordi Bertomeu

Photo: Eurohoops.net

Panathinaikos owner verbally assaulted Euroleague’s CEO, Jordi Bertomeu, via his Instagram account.

Bertomeu had a meeting with the media during the Final Four weekend in Belgrade and referred to his relationship with Dimitris Giannakopoulos and the Greek club.

A few hours later, the Greek businessman responded to Bertomeu’s comments and blamed the league’s CEO for making decisions that can put an end to the truce that has been called between the “Greens” and the Euroleague in the past few weeks.

Giannakopoulos said that he had decided to leave the Euroleague, due to the league’s lack of respect towards his family and the club.

But, Bertomeu promised that he would do everything he could to fix things and keep Panathinaikos in the competition. This would happen after the end of the Final Four.

Panathinaikos owner, though, accused Bertomeu of being a liar, as the Euroleague fined Giannakopoulos 410.000 euros and extended his ban for one more year.

Bertomeu requested from the club not to protest against that decision, with Dimitris Giannakopoulos wondering whether all these decisions were legal.

That said, the reaction of Jordi Bertomeu is highly anticipated, since this story will soon come to end, as Panathinaikos owner still wants to leave the Euroleague and join the FIBA Champions League.