Cibona players on strike

As the situation in the club is worsening and there is no bright light in the horizon, the players of Cibona unanimously decided to go on strike.



The players of Cibona will not attend training sessions until Wednesday’s game against Montepaschi Siena and have threatened to even forfeit official games if things don’t get moving.

“We want to set things in motion, the situation is stagnant for four months and nothing happens. We players, no nothing. Everyday the club could go bankrupt and nobody tells us anything.” said Cibona’s captain, Bojan Bogdanovic and continued to comment on the assembly that will be held December 16th.

“I do not know what to expect from this assembly, I hope it will be good for Cibona, that they will find a sponsor and a way out of this situation. Why should we return to training this Monday? So far I see nothing. No one is talking to us, we have no information whatsoever. But we would at least like to see some incentive that something will happen.

Since the Mayor said that the city will not help Cibona, I don’t know where to expect help from. Our strike is primarily a message to the club and city officials. If they don’t take action, I do not know how this will end.”

Bogdanovic also talked about possible departures from the club: “We had a meeting and talked about it. No one has the intention of departing from Cibona, we are all waiting for the results of the assembly. If it turns out that Cibona can’t secure any money, I think no one can blame anyone for leaving.”