Photo: Euroleague Basketball

With Luka Doncic declaring for this year’s NBA Draft, the countdown to his Real Madrid exit is imminent with many of the Slovenian’s team-mates paying tribute.

That includes Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso, who has guided Doncic through the period from where he made his first team debut – appearing only during garbage time – to now, where he is considered one of the finest players in the world outside of the NBA.

Doncic has averaged 16.3 points, 4.7 rebounds and 4.4 assists for Real this season in the EuroLeague.

“I always demand that my players try to improve and become better,” explained Laso. “Luka can still play better. If I did not believe that he could be better, it would be a personal failure of mine. 

“I hope that Luka can always play better and I demand that he does more things on the court. But, I have not seen anyone at 18 years accomplish what he has done. My job is to make him play better, but at 18, he has shown many things.”

Team-mate Fabien Causeur has echoed Laso’s remarks with the French man stating that Doncic is ready to step up to the next level, especially at the present moment where the Liga Endesa side are playing Panathinaikos in the EuroLeague playoffs.

“Luka is having a great season,” says Causeur.

“He has not faced injuries and he has been very good. In these series, he has not always played one-on-one when switched to great athletes like Payne or Gist. He is playing for the team which is critical in this series. At home with people supporting, Luka is very comfortable.”

Quotes sourced from Eurohoops.