Pregame quotes of the Caja Laboral – Prokom matchup.



Dusko Ivanovic: “For us, the game against Asseco Prokom is the first final of three that we have to win if we want to reach the Top 16, which is their case, too, since they also must win. Teletovic and Bjelica are slightly injured, but it makes no difference if we play with 10, 12 or seven players, because we must win anyway. We are focused only on ourselves, our defense, our quality and our game in order to have the key to enter the Top 16. Asseco is a team that plays better away from home, with their Americans who exploit open-court and one-on-one situations, as well as with the inside play of Varda.”


Marcelinho Huertas: “We cannot afford more mistakes, we have to win no matter what, we won’t have a second chance. Asseco Prokom is a team that plays fast, we must tryo to lower the rhythm and play a serious game like we did ni Gdynia, where we dominated since the beginning. The Euroleague is a physical competition and that is why we are finding problems.All the teams have to or three big players in the inside positions. I am sure that our fans, as always, will be aware of what’s at stake here and will support us throughout the game.”


Tomas Pacesas: “We go to Spain ready for a fight. Everybody knows that it is our last chance to even think about the next round, but first we must take the victory against Caja Laboral. After our last game against Khimki, we feel better and we want to fight to the end and that’s the most important thing for me.”


Mike Wilks: “We have to come out with the great intensity on both sides of the court. We know those guys, so we have to try use their weaknesses. We have to put pressure on the ball, make it hard for guards to get them into their sets. Offensively we have to share the ball, penetrate and look for the open guy.”