BARCELONA, SPAIN — Barcelona-based basketball program organizer, Globasket, will host its 2nd annual basketball tournament in the Costa Brava region of Spain ‒ Lloret de Mar, Girona and surrounding areas ‒ for U12, U14, and U16 girls and boys school and club basketball teams.

Globasket 2018 aims to enhance the knowledge in the areas most essential to personal development ‒ sport values, educational challenges, and future careers. There will be two editions of Globasket 2018, March 24 – 29 and April 2 – 7 ‒ both in Costa Brava. Between the two editions, there will be 150 teams, total, participating from all over the world, e.g. Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Lithuania, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Israel, Portugal, Norway, Japan, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Finland, and Luxembourg.

Outside of games and practices, players will participate in team-building, socially-conscious, and cultural workshops, including: Health, Food, and Sport, Communication & Mass Media, Basketball & Women, International Education & Sports Program, Social Impact, and Player & Future Career. These programs are open to players, coaches, and families of both. Globasket’s event following Globasket 2018, will be Globasket Europe that will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on June 25 to July 1 and Globasket Summer Camp in July.

About Globasket
Globasket is in its fourth operational year of hosting tournaments that not only showcase the athleticism of participating teams, but also, challenge and educate youth’s minds through conferences, clinics, and cultural activities. Globasket hosts multiple events throughout the year for a variety of ages ‒ the Christmas Cup, U14 Elite Global Experience, Week Without Walls, Globasket Europe, Globasket Summer Camp, and international preseason camps.

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