Panathinaikos owner Dimitris Giannakopoulos has sensationally asked the fans of the club to vote on whether they should leave the EuroLeague.

This comes after EuroLeague Basketball banned Giannakopoulos for a year following remarks he made regarding Panathinaikos’ recent loss to Fenerbahce where the outspoken owner provided photographic evidence of two calls that went against his side.

Giannakopoulos has appealed the ban.

“In general admission, in recent years, Panathinaikos has suffered continuous and blatant injustices by EuroLeague on every level, off and on the court,” Giannakopoulos said in a statement.

“Despite all these, we have fully respected and complied with the sanctions that have been imposed and surpass 1 million euros in fines, showing respect, primarily towards the principles of the club and then to the organization.”

Giannakopoulos also stated in his message that he has received threats from Turkish residents and has endured great hardship following his outburst on Instagram.

“If my decision was completely personal then I would have already pull Panathinaikos out of this parody,” he added in a statement. “However, because we are all passersby in Panathinaikos, the fans of the team will take this decision through an organized voting. If the fans choose that we stay in EuroLeague, I will longer have a place in the club.

“If the fans choose that we withdraw, Panathinaikos will participate in another European competition and at the same time, we will continue our fight for cleansing in European basketball.”

EuroLeague Basketball has not yet responded to Giannakopoulos’ statement.