Unicaja Malaga coach Joan Plaza wanted to build on Wednesday’s vital road win over Barcelona and now with their recent win at home to Olimpia Milano, he wants his team to grow ahead of their next challenge.

The narrow 74-71 win over Milano was Unicaja’s third straight victory but Plaza, who was pleased with the win admitted that he isn’t going to dwell on the winning run. Instead, he is focusing on their road game against Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv on December 28.

“When you play as many games as we did, there are some kind of breaks and streaks,” Plaza said.

“You are losing and winning games in a row. We need to use this rhythm to get wins at home, with one road win in Barcelona in between. Right now we need to grow game by game. We have Maccabi in front of us, we need to prepare for this road game as best we can.

“We can begin to dream [about the playoffs], but we know how tough it is in this EuroLeague.”