“Just a Kid from Sicklerville” – Kyle Hines’ family comes to Moscow

Euroleague Basketball
Photo: Euroleague Basketball

The second episode of Kyle Hines’ docuseries, “Just a Kid from Sicklerville”, is (almost) entirely dedicated to his family’s arrival in Moscow.

In the beginning, the 31-year-old player welcomes his wife and child to the Russian capital and talks about spending time with them.

Hines refers to his experience of watching an MMA event as a spectator, for the first time in his life in Russia, while he has the opportunity to enter the “Octagon” and get in touch with the fighters.

Later, the documentary focuses on Kyle’s family, showing how they prefer to spend their day, as they go shopping, eat in restaurants and see Moscow’s monuments. With “Halloween” approaching, Hines, his team-mates and their families have a party, where they wear costumes and have fun.

Kyle’s wife talks about this experience, saying this is the first “Halloween” she and her husband have together, although they have known each other for 11 years.

Euroleague Basketball
Photo: Euroleague Basketball

The three-time Euroleague champion takes part in an advertising, where he speaks to young players about basketball, offering them some advice as well. Kyle adds it has been fun doing this, while he is joking about his three-point percentage.

The episode continues with footage from the “Bear’s” game against Fenerbahce at “Megasports Arena”, while, afterwards, Hines gets in touch with his friend, and Fenerbahce’s center, Jason Thompson.

Both players speak to the camera and refer to their long-term friendship, with Thompson adding that one of his targets is to become as successful as the 31-year-old center has become in Europe.

The last part of the documentary emphasises on Kyle’s mother, Deidre Ledgister, and the family’s Thanksgiving celebration.

Mrs Ledgister mentions the most important thing for her is to see her son compete on the floor. What matters to her is not watching Kyle win or lose a game, but doing his best in every game and becoming a fan favourite.

Hines’ mother states that Kyle already is a champion, no matter how many titles he will win, while he adds that visiting Moscow for the first time is an “one in a lifetime experience.”

In the end, Kyle and his family welcome home Hines’ team-mates and their families and they celebrate Thanksgiving all together, with Kyle and his wife being very happy for this experience.

You can watch the full episode here