Spain is in a state of mourning right now following the terror attack in Barcelona where a cowardly individual drove his way through tourists in the popular Las Ramblas district.

The seaside town of Cambrils was also hit by terrorists as the total number of people dead reached 13 with 100 injured.

Gasol, currently with the Spanish national side as they prepare for Eurobasket was understandably shaken, as were all the players of the national team. The San Antonio Spurs forward, who hails from Barcelona sent a message of union.

“We send a message of support, commotion and pain for yesterday’s attack, both on Las Ramblas and in Cambrils, we are all very much affected,” Gasol told reporters in Melilla, where the Spanish national team is based.

“It was not only an attack on the city of Barcelona, ​​but also on the peace and humanity of the world. I hope it is the last, but possibly not.

“Let’s hope that the wounded will recover. We also thank the armed forces that protect the citizens and have helped in this critical moment, and to everyone who has been able to contribute in this critical situation. To unity and cohesion. Together, union is the way to overcome tragedy.”