Mickeal: I will not continue under these conditions

What just happened there? Pete Mickeal doesn’t want to continue with Barcelona after such a successful season? The player’s representatives, David Watts and David Carro, tried to shed some light on the situation.

Pete Mickeal signed a 1+1 contract last summer with Barcelona and was very happy with this outcome stating that he likes Barcelona, that he wants to retire there and that the most important thing for him is stability.

But when the time came to receive his first pay-check in October, Mickeal was in for a surprise as he did not receive the net amount he thought he had agreed on. “It felt like a slap in the face” says Watts. The problem was that the taxation of Barcelona is different of that in Comunidad Foral de Alava, where he belonged playing for Caja Laboral and in fact a whole 18% higher (24 to 42%) and Mickeal didn’t know that when he signed his contract. He had to find out that he was essentially earning less than in Baskonia.

And here the problems really begin. Mickeal’s agents are accusing a certain person – without mentioning any names, yet all clues are pointing to Barca’s director general Francesc Solanellas – of practically unprofessional behaviour. Upon his first pay-check and the initial shock, Mickeal turned to this person and asked for the situation to be fixed and for the renewal option for the second year to come in effect. His request was turned down on the argument that the player had not been sufficient time in the club for his contribution to be evaluated.

The tax issue was not settled by the club executive and the only thing Mickeal received, was a slight salary raise and a promise that when the time that titles are in stake and the player had proven his value, the option for the second year will become effective. When that time actually came and Barcelona had qualified for the Final Four, upon request for the clause to become effective, Mickeal received the answer by the club executive that he never made such a promise.

Of course that was a major blow to Mickeal’s trust in this certain person. The player asked for the option not to come in effect and that he wants to explore his options according to his value in the summer transfer market. The clause however was activated and in fact just two weeks after winning the Euroleague!

After all that Mickeal was very hurt by that person’s stance towards him. He feels that what he’s done for the club is not being appreciated, and even though staying with Barcelona was his prime objective, he wants to explore his options according to his value, rather than stay under these circumstances.

It is certain that in case Mickeal becomes a free agent, many top clubs will throw themselves at him after the season he had with Barca…

Source: mundodeportivo.es