NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum believes that the International Olympic Committee’s decision to include 3×3 basketball will further demonstrate the talents of players.

The urban-inspired 3×3 basketball scene has skyrocketed in popularity with tournaments being staged all over the world.

The NBA also has its own 3-on-3 event like FIBA does with tournaments staged all over Europe and Tatum believes that the trend will only grow.

“Today’s announcement by the IOC to include 3-on-3 basketball in the 2020 Olympics is great news and continues to signify the growing popularity of basketball around the world,” Tatum said.

“The last few years, we have made a major push in 3-on-3 basketball with our nationwide Dew NBA 3X tour and several international 3-on-3 competitions, and the Olympic stage will provide these elite athletes with the opportunity to further demonstrate their talents.”