Ben Gordon arrested in Los Angeles

Mansoor Ahmed
Ben Gordon played for GB last summer, but since getting a contract in the NBA G-League has not reported for duty this summer, leading to his predicted cut for the final 12. Photo: Mansoor Ahmed

Former NBA guard and current Great Britain international Ben Gordon has been arrested at his apartment complex in Los Angeles for a reported misdemeanour.

As TMZ first reported, Gordon was apparently locked out of his apartment and became anxious, pulling fire alarms inside the building.

The LAPD and fire services were in scene but quickly arrested Gordon due to a hoax call, which in the States, is a misdemeanour.

The 34-year-old Gordon, who plays for the Texas Legends in the NBA D-League, made his international debut for Great Britain, averaging 9.2 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 3.3 assists as he guided GB to this summer’s Eurobasket via the qualifiers.

GB coach Joe Prunty is hopeful that Gordon will return to the national fold at Eurobasket, where the Brits face off against Turkey, Russia, Serbia, Latvia and Belgium in Istanbul.

Photo: Mansoor Ahmed