NBA Draft prospect Lonzo Ball will become the first rookie to have an independently run sneaker shoe but his father LaVar believes that he is one step ahead of conglomerates, Nike, Adidas and Under Armour – the three main brands that chose not to sign Lonzo to a shoe deal.

Last week, it was reported that Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas were spurning the younger Ball as a potential athlete endorser because LaVar rejected a traditional endorsement deal and demanded the family’s Big Baller Brand cobrand with one of the big three.

Determined to have his own signature shoe, even without the help of Nike, Adidas and Under Armour, the Ball’s have released the ZO2 shoe, through the Ball’s Big Baller Brand which goes on sale for an extortionate price of $495 (€450).

While the shoe itself looks nice on the whole, it certainly does not justify the price tag, which is twice the price of a Jordan shoe.

“I figured that’s what the shoe was worth,” LaVar Ball told the Dan Le Batard Show. “I liked the way it sounds. You see, when you are your own owner, you can come up with any price you want.”

“Let Nike and Adidas and Under Armour – they battling below me,” he continued. “They’ll go ahead and put all their stuff in Foot Locker. I’m better than them. I’m a step above.”

As for why the shoe was specifically priced at $495 and not, say, $500, Ball again acted like the question was a bit absurd.

“Five hundred dollars?! Four-ninety-five sounds better,” Ball said. “I like three different digits.”

The question now remains how will the shoe sell? It’s been reported that no refunds will be given when the shoe is released.

And we thought copping Yeezy’s for the resell price was bad.