Photo: EuroLeague

Istanbul Anadolu Efes’ Jayson Granger and Brandon Paul were put in situation that should have been gone ages ago. Granger put a post on Instagram that him and his teammate Paul were not allowed to go in to the restaurant because of the color of their skin.

Granger’s Instargam post:

I can’t believe racism still exist! Me and my friends tried to get into Fénix Restaurant last night for have some dinner and good time and they didn’t let us in only because the color of our skin, is really sad this things still happening these days…. they were telling us the place was full when people were walking inside without a problem. It’s the first time in my life something like this happens.

Post was deleted after some time, although Granger also posted on Twitter about the incident.

Anadolu Efes released a statement that problem has been solved after talking to restaurant management.