BarcelonaAs it was expected by many, the best team of regular season, Regal FC Barcelona, qualified for the Final Four in Paris after winning El Clasico against their arch rivals Real Madrid. Even though Messina's team managed to take one win in Barcelona they were unable to win at least once at home in order to bring the series to five games.

The fourth game in Madrid was pretty close but it was Barca who were ahead for most of the time. Catalan side were controlling the game despite not having a large lead. Juan Carlos Navarro was the main man for Barcelona with 21 points. Young star Ricky Rubio was right behind him with 19 points. Meanwhile Sergio Llull led the scorers for Real Madrid with 20 points.

It will the second in a row Euroleague Final Four for Barcelona. They were 3rd last year in Berlin.

78 – (19+22+21+16) – Real Madrid: Sergio Llull 20, Felipe Reyes 11, Ante Tomic 10, Jorge Garbajosa 9, Novica Velickovic 8, Louis Bullock 8, Travis Hansen 6, Marko Jaric 4, Pablo Prigioni 2.

84 – (20+25+20+19) – Barcelona: Juan Carlos Navarro 21, Ricky Rubio 19, Erazem Lorbek 14, Fran Vazquez 8, Gianluca Basile 6, Pete Mickeal 6, Terence Morris 3, Roger Grimau 3, Jaka Lakovic 2, Boniface Ndong 2.