NBA Star Anthony Davis’ Twin Robot – Tony Bot – Steals His Spotlight

In an attempt to give pro athletes more time to train and focus during the off-season, a new line of robots is being tested to stand in for these stars. Robot duties include performing day-to-day chores and obligations while assuming the physical appearance of the athlete. New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis (aka AD) was the first to trial this new innovation.

Scientists succeeded in replicating AD’s gestures, mannerism, vocal intonation and eyebrows in developing the futuristic creation – codenamed Tony Bot. However, since this robotic project is still in trial phase, there were a few unexpected glitches. Specifically, because Tony Bot was a dance bot in a previous life, he still had moments where he couldn’t stop himself from dancing. This is what he did as AD’s alter ego while taking care of the time-consuming off-the-court commitments – media interviews, laundry, etc.

This dance – dubbed ‘The Tony’ — began making waves in New Orleans and around the country as fans clamored to replicate the amazing movements of Tony Bot. Videos began racking up millions of views as it took on a life of its own. In fact, New Orleans bounce music sensation Big Freedia loved the dance so much that she wrote a song about it, which only drove the craze even further.

AD in the meantime was only focused on getting better on the court and didn’t realize what was happening with his stand-in and this crazy dance. Needless to say, he was not happy. Media began asking him to do the dance or were criticizing him that he wasn’t focusing on playing basketball! This robot was making things worse for AD – not better!

“Tony Bot was supposed to let me focus on my game, but this dance craze is really causing a distraction,” said Anthony Davis.

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The moves are easy:
1) Windshield wiper arms
2) Side-to-side and behind-the-back dribble
3) Fade away shot

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