Paris Final Four 2010The 2010 Final Four in Paris now has its own logo to show artistically how the world-famous French capital is embracing a signature event on the global sports calendar, Euroleague Basketball announced today. The logo features one of world's most emblematic architectural monuments, the Eiffel Tower, in a setting that conveys the importance of basketball in France.

The "Grand Iron Lady" – also known as The "A" – has been created with coloured circles, representing basketballs, in a very trendy and modern way, wich makes the Tour Eiffel merge perfectly with the Euroleague brand values, while clearly linking the event to one of the worlds' most beautiful and historical cities in the world. Paris will host the Final Four on May 7 and 9 of 2010, at the Palais Omnisports Paris-Bercy.

"The Eiffel Tower is one of the world's greatest monuments, while the Final Four is one of the world's best sports events," Euroleague Basketball Marketing Director Pedro Galvan stated. "Also, the Eiffel Tower inspires everybody with feelings of grandeur and admiration, similar to the feelings that the Euroleague fans have toward their teams. This is why Paris and basketball make a perfect team, just as the Eiffel Tower and the Final Four do."

The logo has been created by the Designers United team, based in Thessaloniki Greece. This is the third emblem the awarded team creates for Euroleague Basketball, after the Athens 2007 and Berlin 2009 Final Fours.

"We are very proud that the Euroleague trusted us again with the creation of a logo of an event with such importance as the Euroleague Final Four," Designers United said. "We believe that this logo will provide the event with the necessary visual elements to show what it is all about, and of course make it clear that seeing a Final Four in a place like Paris is an opportunity not to be missed."

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