In simple words, a logo is a symbol, graphic mark, emblem or name written in presentable style. It is used for the identification of a brand, company, or organization. It could be a symmetrical or random but popular figure. In the early stages, logos were only made by those graphic designers that had a specialization in their field. But the modern age of freelancing allows brands and sports teams’ owners to hire an outsource graphic designer for making the logo of their respective items or teams. The major benefit of this development that they are not bound of coming to workplace to deliver and perform their tasks. An outsource graphic designer also costs economical than other professional and expensive graphic designers in the market. Logos have played an important role in brands’ pride and popularity. These logos are possessed by the companies and kept under trademark law.

In sports, logos have always been the main thing that could be associated with sports teams. Most of the time, the logos have a profound impact, showing the various cultures they represent. Each particular town, country, and region has its own unique identity, which could be religion, symbols, colours, designs, cultural norms or traditions, about the people who live there. Millions of teams belong to different sports categories such as football, rugby, cricket, basketball, hockey and baseball, etc. Each team has its significant history, struggle, reforms, and distinct movements represented through its logo. Fans of each team unconsciously feel too attached to their respective teams to express their love by keeping sports teams’ logos on social media profiles.

Now let’s take an in-depth look at a few logos of sports teams. Firstly, in football, the emblem of a grandeur club in Europe called F.C. Barcelona has its historical significance and reflects the religious aspect. It contains the red and flag cross on the top-right quarter, which symbolizes a Catalonian Saint, “George.” On the left side of this quarter, vertical red and yellow stripes represent the Catalonian Flag.

However, in cricket, The Crown is present in the England cricket team’s logo, which represents the British Monarchy. The national symbol of New Zealand, which is the “silver fern,” also exists in the emblem of New Zealand’s cricket team. Australian national cricket team has the kangaroo in their logo, which is the national animal of Australia. Similarly, in the crest of the cricket team of West Indies, a palm tree and a glimpse of an island represent the Caribbean islands. Last but not least, the Bangladesh cricket team’s logo has Bengal Royal Tiger in their logo, which is the national animal of Bangladesh.

Thus, sports teams choose or craft such a logo that depicts the historical significance, religion, traditions, cultures, and colours of their respective region. A logo gives identity to a sports team. A logo makes a sports team look professional, memorable and recognizable. The sports teams want their logos presentable that is why their logos are simple, compact and brief.  For such desired results, there is no better option than choosing an outsource graphic designer.