ImagePini Gershon tried to shift the pressure towards Roma by claiming that since Roma holds a perfect record of 3 wins in 3 games, they are the favourite team now and the pressure sohuld be on them.

Gershon expressed his curioucity on how Roma will perform now that they are not the underdogs anymore: "If you lead a Euroleague group without dropping a single game after three weeks, as Roma does right now, you can't be underestimated anymore by any team, no matter who you are. My career taught me that it's much more difficult to stay on top than to reach it. From now on, Roma won't have the luxury of being the underdog against nobody, and we'll need to see how they can handle this new situation. They have several good players, and I'm not sure if the fact they don't have big names is a disadvantage for them."

Gershon also spotted some advantages for his team: "I coached Jaaber before and my assistant coached Hutson, so I hope it will be a small advantage for us. Winning in Rome can turn out to be important, because Caja Laboral had already lost here, but we're Maccabi and we want to win every game everywhere, no matter what stage or situation it is."

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