Image"The roster of Fenerbahce is a big roster, a Final Four roster. They have a great coach, a very important club, so I think that this will be a great game for Euroleague fans." said coach Simone Pianigiani to regarding his team's upcoming opponent in the Euroleague.

Of course he admited that this is not a knock-out phase, but only the beginning of the season. "Now, we are not in an elimination game situation, but we play to make it through the first round. We arrive with three wins and Fenerbahce with two, so I think that every team now is focused only to improve its system and so I think it will be a really exciting game."

"We won twice last year in Istanbul, but every game is different and we can't look to the past. Every game is very tough, very close, and it will be the same also Wednesday." Pianigiani added.

Fenerbahce Head Coach, Bogdan Tanjevic:

"We will play the toughest game of our season until this moment. Montepaschi Siena is a very good example of a very good combination of talented and experienced players who are playing with each other very well."

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