With the country moving forward from its rocky year thus far with general unrest and numerous terror attacks, Turkey and in particular Istanbul will be the hub of European basketball in 2017.

And, as Galatasaray make their return to the EuroLeague this season, coach Ergin Ataman predicts that Turkey will be on top of European basketball.

Speaking to Eurohoops during Galatasaray’s media day ahead of the EuroLeague season, Ataman is happy that the city of Istanbul will host the 2017 Final Four, and from there, the city will stage a group round plus the final stages of Eurobasket.

The Euroleague Final Four is the highlight of European Basketball,” Ataman said.

“The spectators will enjoy it a lot since it is being held in Istanbul. Seven or eight thousand Turkish people were in Berlin for last season’s tournament. However, the important part is whether a Turkish team will make it to the Final Four or not. It this happens, it will bring more enthusiasm. The next Eurobasket will also be held in Turkey so the country will be at the top of European basketball in 2017 European Basketball.”

Ataman added: “Turkish people love basketball, the clubs invest in basketball and the sponsors are supportive. With all that, there is no reason not to be in this point in European basketball.”