ImageGreek international forward Georgios Printezis was seriously injured yesterday during the Cajasol-Unicaja game, in a try to dunk at a fast break.

Printezis ran to the fast break and dunked with two hands, but was unable to release the rim on time and swinged too much, something which resulted him landing on his back instead of his legs when he eventually let go of the rim. After falling on his back Printezis laid on the court without moving and the whole arena watched in shock as the medics ran to his help.

Printezis was taken to a local hospital in Sevilla where he was diagnosed with temporary memory loss and a fractured shoulder. The player got his memory back but will stay out of the court for several weeks until his shoulder heals and until he is fit to play basketball again.

TalkBasket wishes Printezis all the best.


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