Nick Young supports Colin Kaepernick, might sit for national anthems

The Colin Kaepernick movement is spreading its wings to the NBA as Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young has said that he respects what the San Francisco 49ers quarterback is doing and he might sit for American national anthem just like the NFL star has been doing.

Kaepernick has opted to kneel during the national anthems to highlight what he says is oppression of black people in the United States. Some have agreed with his sentiments and have kneeled or raised a fist in protest while others have criticised what Kaepernick’s movement have been doing, calling it disrespectful to the American flag.

In an interview with TMZ, Swaggy P became the first NBA player to open up about the recent discussion and has come out supporting Kaepernick.

Young on Kaepernick’s kneeling, via TMZ:

I would do the same thing.

So, he’ll kneel during the anthem?

Young: “Nah, my knees hurt. But I might sit.

Throughout the 52 second chat, Young didn’t pay much attention to the guy asking him the questions. So chances are that Young might have forgotten what was said until he watches the video.