CSKA makes administrational changes

ImageCSKA Moscow's new president Vatutin decided to reorganise the administrational structure of the club and made quite some changes.

Natalya Furaeva was appointed vice-president of Sports affairs. She will be taking care of everything regarding all sportive aspects of the club. Contract negotiations, contacting agents and relations with Russian Basketball Federation and Euroleague.

Yury Yurkov was appointed vice-president of communication and developement. He will take over the communications with federal and regional government organisations, controlling the junior and JBL teams, interaction with basketball schools and working with the team’s ex-players.

Natalia Kuznetsova was appointed as Executive Director. She will examine all the administrative, financial and juridical

aspects of the club. Sergey Ryabets has become the Director of Events and Special Projects. His duties – the organization of the games and tournaments, press office and website operations.

Andrey Schepankov is appointed as Sports Director.

Team Manager position will be taken by Andrey Bystrov.

Andrey Vatutin, PBC CSKA President said about the changes: "The appointments are aimed to regulate the spheres of

responsibility of the managers in the new conditions. They will allow to establish distinct managing and organizational