A new era for EuroLeague Basketball has begun, and before the draw for the EuroCup season, they revealed a slick, eye-catching yet simple new logo for its flagship leagues.

Also, to kick start the new EuroCup season, leading baking good company, 7Days will become the title sponsor alongside Turkish Airlines, who are the lead sponsor of the Euroleague.

The iconic e-ball, which was central within the organization and its premium property, the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague brand for the last 10 years, expands now its presence taking over the 7DAYS EuroCup, completing one single basketball universe that integrates the best amongst the best in European club basketball.

In an effort to reflect the evolution that the competitions will experience starting October, the e-ball also evolved to a new fashion which keeps the essence and the recognition of the EuroLeague brand while also adapting to modern trends and audiences with a simpler, younger and digital-first approach.

EuroLeague’s and EuroCup’s typography has also evolved to a modern and owned font, highlighting the distinctive elements of both competitions, the L for EuroLeague to celebrate the first ever round robin European wide league in any sport, and the C for EuroCup, which adapts a very similar format to the one of the former EuroLeague.

Euroleague Basketball contributed to this report