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Josh Childress stays with Olympiacos

Josh ChildressJosh Childress will be wearing red jersey for at least one more season after he announced that he wil not leave Olympiacos in order to get a contract in NBA. American forward told to 'The Atlanta Journal-Constitution' that he wants to do better next season and was delighted with the way that Olympiacos respect their players.

“I still have some unfinished business to tend to. I definitely have unfinished business in Greece,"  Childress said when speaking about last season in Greece.

“My team did well, but there's no question, I didn’t have the year I wanted to have. And with that being said, I have some serious work left to do in Athens. That was part of my decision to go back, as well.

They let me know as soon as the season was over that they wanted me back,” he said. “With me not having the best year I could have, it says a lot about the commitment they made to me that they didn?t hesitate to let me know that. It shows me they have a lot of respect for their players.”

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