ImageAs we reported yesterday, the head to head clash between ACB and Euroleague is in full motion and we present you the full ACB announcement issued yesterday, regarding the stoppage of the negoations between the two sides, which was decided unilaterally by Euroleague.

1. The ACB is totally opposed to this semi-closed format of competition, which, at this point, hasn't gathered the necessary consensus to be approved by the General Assembly of Euroleague, which is the only body that can modify the participation system in European competitions. The competition planned by Euroleague was rejected in the Assembly held in July 2008, and since then, the Assembly hasn't been summoned again, sustaining its start in a meeting of the company that exploits its commercial rights.

2. The ACB, as stated since the start of the conflict, will defend the interest of its members and the competitive essence of sport, which is harmed by the Euroleague project.

3. In case that the Euroleague project goes ahead with the draw of the competition, scheduled for this Wednesday, the ACB will bring the issue before both the CAS ( Court of Arbitration for Sport ) in Switzerland and the Directorate-General for European Commission of Competition in Brussels, also keeping the right of taking this issue to any other body deemed appropriate. The complaint will be presented by, expert in competition issues, law office Garrigues in Brussels, for a possible infringement of abuse of position and unfair competition in which this project may fall into.

4. In this situation, as the ACB informed its clubs, the start of the new Euroleague competition implies some risks and economical sanctions that the European Commission may impose to the participant teams.

5. The ACB has been in talks to reach an agreement that defines a future model of comfortable relationship for all the parties which will allow to take the conflict away from the courts. The ACB has made several proposals on the base of qualification according to sporting results in the National competition or other pointing concepts. However, the Euroleague has ruled out any solution that could break its principle of indefinite licenses versus other non-stable licenses.

6. The ACB has informed Euroleague of its majority decision, taken by the clubs of his competition, of rejecting its project, and therefore, the decision of suspending negotiations due to the impossibility of reaching a satisfactory agreement for both companies.

7. The ACB states its belief in the sports principles, which are the pillars on which any sports competition must stand, without prejudice to other criteria as stability and economic interest. The project which the Euroleague launches is illegal as it hasn't been approved by an Assembly, is discriminatory and creates an unfair competition in signing players, in deals with sponsors and in other basic principles on which any National competition must stand.