It seems that the case of the “Cotonou Passports” of Liga Endesa [ACB] players, Marcus Slaughter and Andy Panko is intensifying.

According to a report by Spanish media outlet La Vanguardia the ambassador of Equatorial Guinea has informed the judge investigating the matter that the passports of Marcus Slaughter and Andy Panko were in actual fact created using false documents.

This is the letter that was written on November 30, 2015:

After consulting with the office responsible for issuing official documents, the Embassy can confirm that it turns out that the passports of Mr. Andy Panko III and Mr. Anthony Marcus Slaughter, under the same number AA001696 are not genuine. They are the result of forgery under devious methods, since these gentlemen don’t live, and have never lived in the Equatorial Guinea. Consequently the origin of these passports should be explained, since their number is unknown. The Embassy thanks the Spanish authorities for these cooperation on limiting forgery of official documents.

This has prompted the ACB to release this statement on the issue.

After the information that was published today on the media about the alleged irregularity of the passports of Marcus Slaughter and Andy Panko, the association of clubs want to state the following:

1. ACB has decided to be present in the legal procedures in order to take all the necessary action that will allow protection of its legal interests.

2. ACB will send the official data to an independent judge of the Federation so that, if necessary, he will decide on possible disciplinary proceedings as appropriate.

3. ACB expressed the firm commitment of the organization in favor of fair play, sports values and will collaborate with everyone that is necessary in order to clarify the facts.